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Mind Body Medicine Program | School of Medicine

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As a result of a grant from the National Institute of Health National Center of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), Georgetown University School of Medicine has integrated a course in Mind-Body Medicine into its medical school curriculum. In addition, an annual professional training program in Mind-Body Medicine is offered to the faculty of Georgetown University School of Medicine and Georgetown University Law Center.

Mind-body approaches — including self-awareness, relaxation, meditation, guided imagery, biofeedback, physical exercise, art, music and movement — are among the best known and most widely used of the complementary, alternative or integrative approaches to healthcare. 

Mind-body approaches are particularly important in another way. By their very nature they put high value on, and teach the power of self-awareness and self-care. In so doing, they help shape the new integrative model of health care — one in which treatment is

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Center for Holistic Medicine | Restoring Balance to Body, Mind and Spirit

Choosing integrative care for yourself can be a puzzle.  You know that your health does feel right; you know you don’t want to mask what can be mysterious symptoms. You know that you want one place that can help you solve the puzzle.

Within our state of the art integrative medicine facility, The Center for Holistic Medicine providers work collaboratively, bringing all the elements of healing the root cause of illness and relieving symptoms through behavior, nutrition, lifestyle and medical intervention.

Under one roof, we have 12 providers from Functional Medicine to Internal Medicine and General Practice, as well as behavior therapists, pain management specialists, and alternative providers, all of whom work in harmony for patients. We have onsite lab testing for microbiome and general lab tests, a fully stocked apothecary (and online)

For example, if you have pain, you may also feel anxiety.  Pain is an inflammatory condition that

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