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Queen Naija – Medicine Lyrics

You tell me you love me
but I ain’t been feeling it lately
you say you love keeping me fly, but
can’t keep me from looking so crazy

come in at 6 in the morning
where you been, where you been?
who is that texting yo phone?
just a friend, just a friend.


My intuition never lies
there’s nothing you can ever hide
already got the screenshots
so there is no need to deny

you been creeping and freaking and sneaking like you’ll never lose me
steadily claiming that everyone know we together but you steady choosing

swear I can not win for losing
i’ve been out here being faithful
I always got this on lockdown
but that aint been keeping us stable

so i guess i know what i got to do
give you a taste your own medicine
hey yeah

how would you like it if I

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