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Historic Hospital Admission Records Project (HHARP)

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HHARP has been updated!
We have recently added more records for the Great Ormond Street Hospital. HHARP now provides access to 140,213 admission records to four children’s hospitals: three in London, the Great Ormond Street Hospital, the Evelina and the Alexandra Hip Hospital for Children, and one from the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow. Between them the databases cover a period from 1852 to 1921. Medical historians and demographers will find HHARP an invaluable tool in the study of the early development of paediatric medicine. Family historians and local historians will find a treasure trove of information on Victorian families and healthcare in Victorian and Edwardian London and Glasgow.

See the most recent news item for more information on the latest update.

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Project Home Dental Clinic Helps Philly Patients

project home dental clinic janine musheno burkhardt

Duck into the concourse under Suburban Station and you’ll find more than just the usual snack stalls and shops. A nonprofit dental clinic located within the underground network provides free or reduced cost healthcare to Medicaid or uninsured patients that walk in its doors. It’s just one of many services offered by Project HOME, a Philadelphia organization serving people experiencing homelessness.

“There aren’t a lot of private practices that accept Medicaid because the reimbursement isn’t really that high,” explains Janine Musheno Burkhardt, DMD, Project HOME’s dental director and recent Temple University 30 Under 30 honoree. “Because it might be hard for somebody to find a dentist where they can actually get in for treatment, they might go for years and years without ever seeing one.”

Insufficient dental care affects homelessness in more ways than one. Intense tooth pain can push people toward opioids or other substances, Dr. Burkhardt explains. Tooth

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Gesundheit! Institute Hospital Project – Gesundheit! Institute

The Gesundheit Hospital
by Patch Adams
Rendering by Design :: Draw :: Build

“In my last year at the Medical College of Virginia, I began working on a line of thought about my dreams to improve health care that would shape the rest of my life.

I drew up a grandiose plan—having no idea how grandiose at the time—that I felt ready to commit myself to. Titled ‘Positive Thinking’, the plan was about providing health care in the best interests of patient and staff alike. A group-communal situation seemed the most promising approach. But I knew of no models in America for a therapeutic medical community that put humanism first. It was clear I would need to plan it out.

 The plan reflected my realization that the systems in which people live—capitalist, patriarchal, militaristic systems—effected not only their finances, choice of work, housing, education etc, but also effected their health.

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