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Virtual fitness options for staying in shape during the COVID-19 Stay at Home order

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – All Virginia fitness centers are closed until June 10 by order of Governor Northam.

  1. This order places a terrible financial hardship on all gyms in Virginia. It also makes it very difficult for Virginia residents to stay in shape. Having a strong immune system is closely tied to staying in shape.
  2. Governor Northam ordered gyms to close to reduce the opportunity of COVID-19 to spread between members. But in doing so, he also made it more difficult for people to maintain their first line of defense – a healthy immune system fueled by regular exercise.

To help meet the public need for safe and effective home workout programming, gyms across Virginia are retooling their services to provide virtual training options to help their members stay in shape. One gym that has been in the forefront of virtual training is Sand & Steel Fitness of Alexandria VA. They

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15 Hospital Codes Decoded Because Staying At A Hospital Can Be Scary

Having a baby often means spending multiple days in a hospital room, away from home, and subject to lots of noises and foreign sounding medical terminology. But among all of the specific wording that doctors toss out when referring to birth, there are also the many hospital codes and what they mean. Obviously, a new parent’s worse nightmare is to hear a code over the hospital’s loudspeaker and learn that it pertains to them or their baby, so it’s helpful to know what these hospital codes mean, even if it doesn’t make it any less scary to hear them.

The most common hospital codes that most people are familiar with are code red for fire or code blue for cardiac arrest since they’re commonly heard in TV and movies, but the reality is that there are so many other hospital codes that are important, especially when someone is staying in

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