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Coaching Serious Athletes Beginner to Elite

Fitness Concepts provides a variety of services and products to endurance athletes to improve strength, endurance, and efficiency.  We coach clients nationally via telephone, email and video analysis, in addition to our two training centers located in Fairfax, Virginia and Annapolis, Maryland.
Fitness Concepts services include:

Triathlete's Guide to Run Training (Click to Buy)Coaching for athletes of all levels, with a staff of highly qualified knowledgeable coaches.  We teach athletes of all levels how to train and race to the limits of their abilities.
Laboratory Testing  to help athletes maximize workout efficiency.  We test aerobic threshold, lactate threshold, and VO2 max, and interpret the results to
determine precisely how hard you should go for each type of workout.  Avoid wasting time from inefficient workouts!

Seminars, Clinics, and Presentations, locally and nationally, on tips and technique in swimming, cycling, running, strength training, weight loss, nutrition, flexibility, and the proper use of

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