How does it work?

Direct Access is like a membership club with volume pricing. With tens of thousands of members, we can negotiate wholesale prices. Members save 15% to 60% at over 200,000 dental access points nationwide. Get More Information


How is it different than insurance?

Insurance companies profit when you pay premium but don’t go to the dentist. Because this isn’t insurance, we want all of our members to go to the dentist as often as they need, and save as much as they can.


Can I find a provider?

With one of the largest dental networks nationally, members can easily find contracted providers in every state.


Sample Savings

Find a Provider

Find a Provider

Cost Estimator

Cost Estimator



Client Testimonials:

“I love Direct Access! I’ve been on the plan personally for a few years now and have many clients on the plan. It is rare that one of my clients doesn’t renew. When I compare regular dental insurances to this plan, this is a great value. I also appreciate the helpfulness of the staff when I need help. Thank you, Dentist Direct, for creating a great, cost effective plan and for your service!”


“In one year Direct Access saved me $148 on my basic dental needs. It was a great treat to have a little extra in my budget.”


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