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Take IFA’s Certification Exams 24/7, get results IMMEDIATELY. Certification Manual is FREECertification Exam is FREEPay…

Take IFA’s Certification Exams 24/7,
get results IMMEDIATELY.

Certification Manual is FREE
Certification Exam is FREE
Pay Only AFTER You Pass the Exam
NO Practical Exam Required
NO Separate Membership Fee
Certification is Valid for 2 Years


Choose Certification Delivery Option

Pay after you pass the Exam

(limited time pricing)

Pay Securely by Credit Card

Certification activated within 24 hours – Card and Certificate mailed within 72 hours of payment

If you choose email delivery, then you will be receiving your Card and Certificate in pdf format in a few business hours.

Celebrating our 25th year, the International Fitness Association (IFA) has always been committed to providing fitness information to both Fitness Professionals and Fitness enthusiasts. Be committed … Become A Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor Today!

Nationally and Internationally recognized in over 90 countries worldwide and a member of IDEA FitnessConnect.

IFA Certification Seminars are being conducted globally. And now, congratulations to one of our IFA Master Fitness Instructors and Regional Representative, Elham Farahmand, for conducting the first successful IFA Asian Certification Seminar. She did a wonderful job and we are very proud to have her and her students in the IFA family. See their photos here!

Since 1995, we have been providing one Certification for both Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor because we feel that a Group Fitness Instructor should be all that a Certified Personal Trainer is and more. That’s the reason why IFA Certification is becoming the most valued fitness certification in the world. The IFA Certification Manual “Fitness ABCs” is used for the syllabus at various institutions and colleges worldwide, as well as the US Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine (USACHPPM).

IFA has been a member of the Standards Technical Panel for the Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) and the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) for Exercise Equipment safety and review since 2003.

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