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GolFIT Carolina is a golf fitness website dedicated to helping golfers play better, healthier golf.  It’s author/owner, Bob Forman, is a Certified Golf Fitness Instructor, Author and Speaker who is internationally recognized as a leader in golf fitness programming.  He holds a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology and certifications through the Titleist Performance Institute, Gray Institute and the American College of Sports Medicine.  
The articles, videos, and other related material presented here are intended to help golfers enhance swing mechanics and efficiency, thereby increasing distance, improving playing performance and satisfaction, and preventing/alleviating injury.  This information is based on Bob’s 35+ years in the fitness industry and his work with golfers of all ages and skill levels.  New information is added monthly, so please take a look around and come back often. 

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5-weeks, every Thursday at 7 PM, EST
Starting April 30th
Better Your Body, Better Your Game, Reduce Injury Risk

Most golfers are not physically well-prepared to swing a golf club and as a result they don’t play up to their potential, get frustrated and get hurt.  Starting on Thursday, April 30th, I will address the common musculoskeletal deficiencies that most golfers have, which are impacting playing performance and injury potential.  I’ll show you how to identify the deficiency and then offer proven exercises to help you correct them.  Ideal for golfers of all ages,abilities and fitness levels.  If you’ve never done anything to improve your body, this series is for you. 

This is not an exercise class.  This is sound, basic information that will help you play better, healthier golf!  Each session is 40-minutes long.  You do not need to have a ZOOM account.  The cost is only $50 (a box of golf balls) for the entire series.  You can also sign-up for individual sessions.  Please make sure to include your email address so an invite with the link can be sent to you.





You’ve got all the bases covered.  You’ve been taking lessons with the local pro, replaced the grips on your clubs and have been working diligently on your golf fitness program.  This is going to be your year on the course.  Or is it?

The ‘ol adage, you are what you eat definitely holds some truths and if you’re not paying attention to what you’re putting in your mouth, you may be depriving yourself the ability to play up to your potential.  Proper nutrition is key to everything we do and if you’re not fueling your body correctly, it’s going to show-up in your workouts and on the scorecard.

Now your three basic food groups are carbohydrates (more affectionately known as carbs), protein and fat.  According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, you want to include all 3 in each meal at various percentages.  The general rule of thumb, despite what you may read or hear, is approximately 45% to 65% carbs, 10% to 35% protein, and 20% to 35% fat.    

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A group GOLF FITNESS experience

THE CLINIC is a jo
urney into the physicality of the golf swing. Participants will learn how to identify and correct their individual musculoskeletal deficiencies that are impacting their game on the course and their health off. This is an interactive clinic for all ages and levels where participants will be en
gaged in various assessments, exercises and drills to better their bodies, their mechanics, their game and their overall health.

If your Club, resort, team or organization would like to host THE CLINIC, contact me directly at 336-509-4610 or
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