Malaika Arora encourages fitness enthusiasts to burn calories gained on Diwali through Yoga’s chair pose or Utkatasana – fitness

With the festive week drawing to a close and mouthwatering delicacies vanishing in the blink…

With the festive week drawing to a close and mouthwatering delicacies vanishing in the blink of an eye this Diwali, Malaika Arora made sure that fans on Instagram and fitness enthusiasts in general, do not procrastinate burning all those calories and unwanted fat. Coming to the rescue of those guilty of binging on boxes of sweet this Diwali, the diva dropped another fitness challenge to amp up our workout mode with her Yoga “move of the week”, this time it being the chair pose or Utkatasana.

Taking fans through step-by-step of arriving at the pose, Malaika even shared a picture of herself nailing the asana. Taking to her Instagram handle, Malaika gave fans a sneak peek of her intense exercise session, donning a royal blue sports bra and a pair of similar coloured Yoga pants.

Pulling back her sleek hair in a high braid to keep them off her face, Malaika seemed to be deep in concentration and shared in the caption, “Wishing all a Happy Diwali! Along with the celebrations and festive fun, let’s get going with our Monday ritual, #MalaikasMoveOfTheWeek with a renewed hope and a firm resilience (sic).” She added, “Today’s asana is Utkatasana. The asana strengthens hip flexors, calves and the back. It also stimulates the heart and abdominal organs (sic).”


Stand straight with your feet together and arms by your side. Take a deep breath and raise your arms straight up, then fold them in a namaskar mudra before your chest.

Exhale and bend your knees as if seated on a chair. Straighten your back and push your tailbone to the ground to get into the final position.

Try to stay in this pose for 15-20 seconds before releasing the posture. While inhaling, come back to the first position.


Malaika concluded by advising fans to give their bodies a little exercise in order to double up the festive fun.

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